Tableau Synopsis

Tableau's stock had been trading negatively starting in early 2016 after losing -50% of its value in a single day. The stock had been trading/valued based on negative views on the company's ability to continue scaling their business within the enterprise segment of their market.


In order to better understand Tableau's ability to scale their enterprise business, we conducted the following investigative tasks:

  • Held in-depth discussions with management and competing firms

  • Conducted surveys of Tableau users

  • Interviewed several technology leaders at various companies

  • Interviewed industry consultants


The results of our research provided significant evidence of the company's high ability to scale their enterprise business. The addition of Adam Selipsky from Amazon Web Services was a major supporting piece of evidence in Tableau's ability to scale their enterprise business. The catalyst occurred on 2/3/17 when the company reported earnings and provided guidance that easily beat consensus expectations. The stock has been trading based on positive sentiment since then.